Facility Decommissioning & Closure

Facility decommissioning & closure services (cleaning, equipment removal and disposal, painting, etc) are needed when a facility is shutting down for good, [...]

Dry Ice Blasting

Callaway Industrial offers environmentally safe, dry ice blasting services for commercial and industrial applications. Leaving no chemical residue, dry ice blasting is a form of heavy abrasive cleaning for …

Construction Cleanup Services

Callaway Industrial performs construction cleanup services for commercial and industrial building, remodeling, upfitting projects and more. Our services include scrap metal cleanup, [...]

Riding Floor Scrubbers and Sweepers

Callaway Industrial employs the use of riding floor scrubbers and floor sweepers for industrial facility floor cleaning. Our industrial scrubbers and sweepers [...]

Duct Cleaning

Callaway Industrial provides duct cleaning services for industrial and commercial buildings and facilities. We provide internal and external vacuuming and cleaning of [...]

Overhead and High Bay Cleaning

Dust, dirt and grime accumulate in hard to reach areas. Over time, that build up becomes unsightly. Callaway Industrial cleans overhead and [...]

Pressure Washing, Commercial and Industrial

Bring years of life back to the appearance of equipment and property with pressure washing and power washing services by Callaway Industrial. [...]

Environmental Cleanup and Emergency Response

Callaway Industrial provides professional environmental cleanup services for companies and businesses in and around the Carolina's as well as after-hours emergency response [...]

Tour Prep and Shutdown Cleaning Projects

Industrial facility maintenance and cleaning are part of keeping businesses running smooth and efficient. Callaway Industrial specializes in interior and exterior cleaning [...]