Industrial facility maintenance services by Callaway Industrial keep commercial and industrial businesses running smoothly. Exterior maintenance is a necessity to any property and Callaway Industrial provides a knowledgeable team of industry professionals.

Besides exterior cleaning, painting and plant refurbishing services, we also provide roof coating and roof waterproofing services to industrial facilities and commercial rooftops. Leaking water from roofing and ceiling areas can damage sensitive equipment and machinery, create unsafe wet floor areas as well as potentially cause electrical fires if not kept under control.

Callaway Industrial uses commercial and industrial roof coating and waterproofing products that are designed to stand up to the harshest conditions, providing years of protection from Mother Nature and industrial facility environments. Industrial roof coatings by Callaway can also provide energy efficiency benefits with each specialty roof coating application.

Don’t break the company budget replacing a worn industrial roof system. Contact Callaway Industrial Services for more information on our industrial roof coating and waterproofing services.